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Arlene's Homepage

Welcome to my lil site!

Wassup! i'm katie and thanks for visiting my website. i know its nothing special but I made it myself. it took me all day to make and yes i'm an idiot :-) about me, well, i'm 22 years old, single and I just moved into my own place . i am glad to be out of my parents house finally :) i love to dance, travel, play tennis , go out to dinner and play on the computer. I graduated from college last year, and I have a good job at a law firm as a case manager. I just broke up with my BF and i'm looking for someone cool, goofy, handsome, chill and confident to hang out with and see where it leads. not looking for a committed relationship right now but we all have needs right :-) i'm a very passionate and sexual person, also really open-minded and experimental.   i'm kind of scared to put my cell number on here, so if you wanna chat with me just make a free account at ulust and contact me through my profile there. i'm "KatieKakes87". i think it's got my phone on it too. its just safer for me that way because, you know, there's a lot of scary people on the 'net :-)

PS: i like older men :-) especially strong and confident men!

PPS: i know i should write more stuff to make my site bigger but i cant think of anything else to say! :-) i guess if you wanna know more about me, just ask ...